A dynamic team of experts working together to get the job done.

At Pitts Design and Construction, we prioritise the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and foster a collaborative performance based, results driven company culture. We believe that when our employees are able to find a balance between their professional and personal commitments, they are more motivated, productive, and ultimately contribute to their success as an individual, and our success as a company.

Our commitment to excellence unifies our team at Pitts Design and Construction. We empower our team members to seek purpose and fulfilment in each project, which translates into exceptional workmanship, creative problem-solving, and overall excellence in our projects.

Our Culture.

Collaborative and supportive.

Teamwork and mutual support is encouraged at Pitts Design and Construction. We
believe this helps create a positive and inclusive work environment for all to enjoy.


Proactive and performing.

Our team is encouraged to pursue excellence, embrace challenges, and channel
their enthusiasm towards delivering exceptional results


Confident and courageous.

We empower our employees to take initiative, explore new ideas, and
continuously seek knowledge to drive innovation and stay ahead in the industry.



Empowering our employees to excel their career.

Pitts Design and Construction is committed to providing ample opportunities for each team member’s professional growth and development. We believe investing in our employees' careers and supporting their aspirations to reach new heights in the industry.

We offer our team access to training programs, mentorship initiatives, and exposure to diverse projects. Through this we aim to enhance their skills, broaden their expertise, and foster a culture of continuous learning. Our commitment to professional development ensures that our team members are equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to excel in their career as leaders within the construction industry.


Build your own future at Pitts Design and Construction.

At Pitts Design and Construction, we welcome experienced and entry level employees to build their future with us. As an independent construction company, we have the flexibility to create a career pathway that suits your ambitions.

Roles for the right fit

We hire new employees who exhibit the right
mindset and align to our values, meaning everyone
you work with will be just as driven as you.

Competitive remuneration

It’s not just salary that we reward our employees
with, we offer a series of benefits to ensure our
team is well recognised for the effort they put in.

Work-life balance

We understand the importance of having a work
-life balance and encourage personal time at Pitts
Design and Construction.

Some of the work benefits we offer our team.


Competitive Salary

We offer a competitive salary for applicants that fit our company culture and meet the experience required.

Career Progression

Our small but powerful expert team means new employees are offered the chance to step up to quickly progress to their next career milestone.

Regular Team Events

Team building activities, end of project functions and evening networking drinks are just some of the regular events we invite our team to join.

Upskilling Programs

Our employees are empowered to request and access training and development programs to upskill their role at Pitts Design and Construction.

Work-Life Balance

We practice a life-first policy at Pitts Design and Construction. Our team supports one another to ensure everyone has a healthy work-life balance.

Birthday Holiday

If there’s one day a year to celebrate, it’s a birthday! Our team members get an extra day of annual leave to celebrate their birthday.

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