Our Services.


Specialists in commercial construction, refurbishment and fit-out.

Pitts Design and Construction provides three key service divisions to clients: construction, refurbishment and fit-out. While these are our specialty streams, each project we take on is tailored to suit the specific needs of each client’s requirements, with our team taking accountability for managing projects from start to finish to ensure they are delivered safely, with quality, as well as on time and on budget.


Construction services.

Our team at Pitts Design and Construction has the skills and the capability required to undertake a diverse scale range of conventional or complex construction projects. We adhere to meticulous safety and planning procedures for each site to guarantee quality project delivery on time and on budget.

We share the vision with our clients and inspire the direction to deliver quality, cost effective and safe outcomes for our partners.

Refurbishment services.

Understanding the significance of adding new elements or additions to existing buildings, or updating an existing building to meet future needs, our team has undertaken refurbishments within such environments, where the complexities are significantly higher as challenges including construction staging, service shutdowns and compliance, come to the forefront.

Our extensive experience allows us to mitigate the risks and challenges associated with refurbishments, while ensuring project delivery is not compromised.

Fit-out services.

Our team works collaboratively and closely with our clients, tenants and stakeholders to ensure the successful transition from a fit-out to a trade ready operational facility is achieved on time. By remaining client focused we demonstrate a clear understanding of our clients operational needs to ensure a seamless handover experience.

Early contractor involvement (ECI).

Engaging a specialist contractor in the early stages of a project is the most effective way to add value through increased input on design and construction decisions. Our ECI service sees us working closely with all project stakeholders to assess the ‘buildability’ of a design, providing increased transparency, accurate construction costs in parallel with the initial concepts towards reducing risk, improving project performance and cost effective designs; ultimately leading to a successful project outcome.

Live operational environment (LOE).

There is no one size fits all approach to building successfully within a live trading environment. Each client and facility are unique and need to be assessed individually to develop a customised solution and methodology which meets the operational needs that allow building works and facility operations to progress harmoniously and avoid operational impacts.

In every scenario, we don't think like a builder, we think like our client. We take the time to listen and understand every detail of their facility which allows us to meticulously plan to ensure we deliver a successful win-win delivery and change management strategy. Whether it be complex staging, or the works need operational staging resulting in daily mobilisation and demolition of work zones, the team at Pitts Design and Construction have a proven project track record in delivering complex projects in live trading environments with a very high success rate of zero operational impacts.

Design management services.

Pitts Design and Construction understands the complexities of construction projects and works collaboratively and transparently with all stakeholders every step of the way to integrate each construction discipline and ensure coordination.

Getting involved early to provide our industry knowledge and expertise to develop our client's vision and concepts ready for construction is what we do best. Our design manager leads the design team through each stage, assessing the complexities and mitigating any foreseeable risk. Throughout each design development milestone, we explore the vast range of products and materials available and provide recommendations to achieve a fit for purpose building solution that ensures the best possible results for our clients.

Cost planning services.

We provide tailored cost planning services to take your project from concept to construction. Combining our extensive knowledge and experience we can develop budgets or cost schedules that reflect current market factors that influence the cost for evaluations or comparison. Leveraging our expertise early helps increase accuracy, which provides confidence to our clients in establishing feasibility. This helps ensure the project can get off the ground and be delivered successfully.